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New communication media have considerable advantages over the printed media in terms of speed and publication processes.
Ajit-e, started with these ideas to be the source and publishing media of academics particularly in areas associated with communication and information.
Ajit-e is an international peer-reviewed journal. Turkish and English, published in two languages and ​​four issues per year.
Ajit-e is an Open-Access journal and membership is for sending manuscript and editorial process, without any payment.
Publishing areas of Ajit-e include these: Media and communication studies, artificial intelligence, business informatics, business intelligence, communication informatics, customer relationship management (CRM), data mining, data security, database management systems, datamarts, decision support systems, digital communication systems, digital entertainment and games, digital media, digital rights management, distributed information systems, document and record management, e-advertising, e-broadcasting, e-business/e-commerce, e-CRM, e-government, e-learning, e-management, e-marketing, e-organization, e-publishing, e-SCM, e-transformation, enterprise resource planning, ethics of informatics, health knowledge tecnology, helath knowledge strategies, hospital knowledge management systems, informatics law, informatics theory, innovation, insourcing/outsourcing, knowledge management, knowledge security, legal informatics, management information systems, medical informatics, multimedia, new media, project management, radiology knowledge systems, social networks, supply chain management, sytem analysis and design, telecommunication.

2015 Winter/Kış / Vol.: 6 - Num.: 18
Issue 18, Content
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DOI: 10.5824/1309‐1581.2015.1.001.x
Fractal Analysis of Stock Exchange Indices in Turkey
A.S.Hacinliyan, Yeditepe University, Department of Physics Engin Kandıran, Boğaziçi University, Department of Computational Science and Engineering
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DOI: 10.5824/1309‐1581.2015.1.002.x
Digital Citizenship: An Actual Contribution to Theory of Participatory Democracy
Şevki Işıklı
64 times viewed, 98 times downloaded.
DOI: 10.5824/1309‐1581.2015.1.003.x
Development of group buying in Turkey: shopping on Daily Deal websites
Assist. Prof. Dr. Y. Can Erdem Assist. Prof. Dr. Aşkın Demirağ
53 times viewed, 20 times downloaded.
DOI: 10.5824/1309‐1581.2015.1.004.x
New Screen of the Life Game: Social Networks and the Change of the Reality Perception.
Aynur Köse
47 times viewed, 24 times downloaded.
DOI: 10.5824/1309‐1581.2015.1.005.x
Lean Supply Chain Management In Health Sector
Okan Özkan, Gamze Bayın, Gözde Yeşilaydın
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