Article Writing and Sending Conditions
Submission Guideline

To add an article to our system, you need to apply for membership. After approval, you must send the article by using the tabs "Author Menu"> "Submission".

Article submission process has two stages: Recording information on the article, uploading article to the system in the Word format. The evaluation process begins after the file that has Doc or Docx extension uploaded into the system.

In the preparation of the studies APA system must be used.

  • In the study, Turkish and English titles, summary in English and Turkish, Turkish and English Keywords must be included.
  • The authors of the study: should be written in the order of Author Name, Institution, e-mail address. Every author information must begin from a new line.

Work Owner / Owners, by adding their works to AJIT-e Evaluation and Publication System, waive the copyright of the work, and accept, declare, and took responsibility that,

  • - the work is original, or translation is done with permission from the original copyright owner,
  • - all of the Intellectual rights belong to owner/owners, or written/oral authorization/approval is taken from all intellectual property rights partners,
  • - all or part of the work has not been given for publication in any environment and all or a portion of work has not been previously published by the same name or content;
  • - if all or part of it was published before, all necessary permits have taken to re-publish it in the AJIT-e.
  • - AJIT-e has no legal liability, if there is an earlier copyright issue about the work, before it’s recorded to the AJIT-e system,
  • - if commercial revenues will occur about the work, the author will be deposited by the AJIT-e (Quantity and proportions will be determined by AJIT-e).
  • - After the transfer of copyright had taken place (the recording time of work to the system), if matters that require legal proceedings occur, authority and rights will be transferred to the person or entity which is determined by the AJIT-e.
  • - any legal proceedings about the content of the work, or penal situation and conditions because of the content of work, does not bind the AJIT-e.

The isssues below are exempt from this acceptance, declarance and responsibility.

Rights Reserved by Work Owner / Owners

  • - registered rights other than copyright, such as patents,
  • - the author/ authors’ right to use all or a part of the article in future studies, - the right to make an oral presentation of the article,
  • - the right to replicate the article for their own purposes, other than selling.
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